Non-Verbal communication and their importance in a speech



A Study created by Albert Mehrabian in 1971 suggests that 55% of communication is via non verbal means in a face conversation (Debenham 2015). The study also states that a face to face conversation consists of three elements which are tone of voice, body language and words (Debenham 2015).  When it comes to speeches non-verbal communication in a speech it can really make or break it.

Body language and movements

John Zimmer (2012) from analyses a video from Douglas Kruger(2012) in a post which suggests the do’s and dont’s of public speaking. Zimmer(2012) states that movement around the stage is a factor as if you step away from your audience it can create a bad vibe where as stepping towards your audience will create a positive vibe and raise the energy levels of the speech. Another way to improve your speech is to move around the stage as it shows confidence in your knowledge (Zimmer 2012). The university of Pittsburgh(2007) also shares their views on non-verbal delivery the university states that gestures throughout your speech should be natural as it makes the audience more confident in what you are saying and more likely to support or agree with you. These are all tips to help make your speech better with non-verbal communication .



Talking between two people


When talking between two people body language is very important as it can change the way the conversation goes.  TECĂU(2015) states that if you are to cross your arms it can express you are closing yourself off which can bring a negative vibe to the conversation. Making gestures while in a conversation will often convey as confidence (TECĂU 2015).


Non-verbal communication is most definitely very important during speeches as it will affect how the audience or listener will receive your message .




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