How Technology has Impacted Communication

Communication has been around forever.  Communication has improved greatly over the years with the evolution of technology (Nield , 2013). Technology has evolved by an enormous amount of the years and has revolutionised communication with many forms of communication such as the web, mobile phones, email and social networking(Nield,2013).


Social media


Undoubtedly one of the most common and newest forms of communication is social media. Facebook is one of the most common form of social media nowadays and it pulls incredible numbers(, 2016).  Some of these numbers are facts such as that there are over 1.65 billion active users each month. Which is over a 7th of the population (, 2016). Facebook has all kinds of communication whether it be by a status post or via personal messages on average as of April 2016 every 60 seconds 293,000 statuses are posted(, 2016).   A down side however of social media, is that proper English is lost in conversation between people and ‘text talk’ takes over (Vevere 2015).   Vevere (2015) states that ‘Text talk’ is where acronyms and emoticons take over and deletion of words, vowels and punctuation takes place.


Mobile phones:


Mobile phones have changed the way everyone communicate. Nowadays families can text each other instead of talking to each other when in the same house(El-Rafai, 2014).  Myers(2010) states that mobile phones have now made calling redundant unless a problem has occurred which needs an explanation.  Mobile phones have also caused the same problem as social media and that is lack of correct spelling and grammar (Voegeli 2014). Voegeli(2014) also states that because children are exposed to mobile phones earlier they struggle with face to face confrontation.



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