In the business world, the majority of communication is aimed at persuading or informing others.


Persuasion is necessary in nearly every business ( 2011).  Persuasion in business can achieve many goals such as increased sales or respect from co-workers (Deeb 2013).


Persuading in sales is very important. When selling an item, it is important to persuade the listener into believing that you have what they want (Deeb 2013).  A study that was conducted shows that 26% of gross domestic product sales were due to persuasion in the workplace ( 2011).  Although persuasion is necessary in sales it’s not always seen as the same thing between people as shown in Zhu and Herbert’s journal article(2013). Zhu and Herbert’s(2013) article shows that a Chinese manager would like to have back ground information in his letter where as the manager from New Zealand prefers short and to the point.  Persuasion is important in business even when not selling products. In a team environment being able to persuade your co-workers to achieve a common goal or outcome (Williams 2013).



Advertisements are a very common form of communication for businesses (Protalinkski 2011). Advertisements are often targeted at specific groups. Kim (2015) states that there are common strategies in place for Facebook advertisements to help persuade people. Some targeting or persuading strategies are (Kim 2015);

Looking at previous purchase histories;

Looking at previous events;

Targeting people who are similar to previous buyers;

Just to name a few. All of these strategies are in place to help persuade the targets into clicking on their advertisements (Kim 2015).


Another common medium that is used to convey information to others are sales reports. A sales report is important and should generally convey 4 pieces of information (Paling 2010);

Productivity report;


Sales forecast;

Long –Range sales forecast;


Persuasion is very important in business communication whether it be sales or anything else (Abbott, 2004).  If you would like more information on this, please watch the following video.




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